Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pittsburgh 10221

Pittsburgh has a new zip code, 10221. I've identified 10 regions of innovation with significant numbers of the Burgh Diaspora:

  1. Washington, DC-Baltimore
  2. San Francisco Bay Area
  3. Charlotte-Raleigh/Durham
  4. Chicago
  5. Boston
  6. Dallas-Austin
  7. San Diego
  8. Seattle
  9. Denver
  10. Atlanta

I only considered out-of-state locations, keeping Philadelphia off of the list. Each region offers considerable opportunity for integration thanks to the large presence of Pittsburgh expatriates. The western destinations are relatively new to the Diaspora scene and represent emerging Burgh knowledge markets. All 10 comprise the bulk of the Burgh Diaspora Knowledge Network.

Next are the two creative poles, Los Angeles and New York City. Pittsburgh is connected to the Left Coast through the film industry. New York is home to aspiring artists of all kinds, of whome many could return to Pittsburgh because of the attractive cost of living. Together, LA and NYC comprise the bulk of the Artist Diaspora.

Like a typical cloudy day, Demographic Pittsburgh's color is gray. However, the region is far from forever old thanks to the out-migration of baby boomers during the 1980s. Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg and Phoenix anchor the Retirement Diaspora. These two regions sport considerable innovation assets of their own, but the post-middle age crowd is one of the under-utilized assets in the emerging knowledge economy. Communities of life-long learners could be the sites of substantial creativity and idea production.

Of course, at the center of this impressive network is Pittsburgh, the last number of "1" in the new zip code.

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