Monday, February 26, 2007

More Tales from the Burgh Diaspora

I missed this story about a member of the Burgh Diaspora in the Post-Gazette, earlier this month. Judy Glies lives in New Jersey, but remains closely connected to her hometown:

"Like many, I left Pittsburgh in the mid-70s to find work," she wrote, "but I have kept close ties with Pittsburgh and can hardly wait to be where there is great music, many artists, great people, great sports, wonderful museums and that gem, Heinz Hall."

Close ties with Pittsburgh? This education professor, who's taught at New Jersey City University for 16 years, returns to the 'Burgh almost monthly to visit family and longtime friends. When I answered her letter, she told me she'd be here this past weekend for a Super Bowl party.

Glies' story is one of return and is certainly worth celebrating. She's well educated and worldly, bringing back to Pittsburgh valuable characteristics she wouldn't have if she hadn't left. The region is much richer given her physical presence, but Pittsburgh shouldn't wait until its diaspora is ready to retire in order to tap their talent.

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