Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creative Connectivity: Youngsburgh

Jesse Hambley is getting the word out about the Invisible Children World Tour:

I hope everyone is doing well and if I'm just now meeting you, then it's nice to meet you. My name is Jesse Hambley, I'm the founder of Creative TreeHouse out here in Bellevue, PA. I'm writing in regards of the Invisible Children World Tour that will be visiting Pittsburgh area between March 6th to the 13th. I've worked with the Invisible Children in the past doing fundraisers/screenings and have been asked to try to contact some of the local organizations here in Pittsburgh for some support. The Invisible Children tour, in laymen's terms, will be traveling the country in hopes of educating the public about the situation in Uganda, raising money, and raising support for their struggle to help the children of Uganda. Creative TreeHouse has worked with Invisible Children in the past and it's a simple process to have them come into an establishment to show their documentary and talk about what they are trying to do. I just wanted to contact everyone and supply some information if you can lend some support to the Roadies while they are in town. They would love to reach anyone at theaters, venues, restaurants, campuses, etc. I hope everyone can help out this amazing organization. Please forward this to anyone that can help out or host an event. They will be touring the east coast, so please forward this to any contacts in other east coast cities.

Who are the Invisible Children?

What have they accomplished so far?

Interested in helping?
Learn More about IC -

If you are interested in hosting a screening or fundraiser this March 6th to 13th or need more information then please contact Adam Palumbo at or 1-619-631-0362.

Connecting Pittsburgh energy with a cause in Uganda is a great idea. But I see an additional opportunity. Why not enlist the like-minded in nearby Youngstown? I've noticed a number of similar creative endeavors in both cities. Youngstown and Pittsburgh are close enough to functionally collaborate. Perhaps some events will not travel well, but I do think that both places could share a substantial support network.

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Unknown said...

Invisible Children will be having different buses touring all over the country so pretty much any town can host their own event and screening for Invisible Children. I'm sure Youngstown is on their route :)