Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pittsburgh's Film Diaspora

I found another article discussing the Pittsburgh party at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival:

Although it is the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Pittsburgh garnered a lot of attention this weekend. Filmmaker Carl Kurlander's documentary, "My Tale of Two Cities," looks at the metamorphosis Pittsburgh underwent from the city he remembered as a boy to the city he retuned to 30 years later.

Kurlander, a Pittsburgh native, hosted a Pittsburgh-themed party at Steiners Tavern on Friday night that would have taken earmuffs to miss.

More than 70 people, most of them Pittsburgh natives, packed the bar to watch the Penguins hockey game, complete with themed tailgating food such as ham sandwiches with Heinz condiments, peanuts and pretzels. The event even attracted a reporter from Pittsburgh Magazine who flew out to capture the party.

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