Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mysteries Of Pittsburgh Solved

If you have ever wondered why President Obama showers so much love on Pittsburgh, then this blog post is for you:

…there’s something fishy about why Pittsburgh has essentially become this administration’s pet-project at every turn….ESPECIALLY when cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Dayton, Youngstown, New Orleans, Columbia SC, Charleston WV, and on and on….are in FAR worse shape than Pittsburgh whose actually emerged as a pretty nice city in the last 20 years.

…that makes me wonder what the motivation is…and i’m not the only one wondering this…even the drudgereport had a blurb about what seems to be a mystifying funnelling of money from the Obama administration to the city of pittsburgh, for reasons nobody has figured out yet.

But they will…trust me on that…something is going on here, and it will become a major story in the not so distant future.

Yinzers are running the world.

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Justin Kownacki said...

Perhaps Obama appreciates the affirmative action spurred by the NFL's "Rooney Rule," which was put forth by the Steelers. If he's going to reward a city for something, there are worse reasons to form an allegiance.