Thursday, April 01, 2010

Brain Drain Report: US Senator Sherrod Brown

I read all the stories about US Senator Sherrod Brown touring Ohio and talking to his constituents about brain drain. He solicited ideas and best-practices. The result:

“One of the real missions I have in the Senate over the next ten years is to turn around this brain drain of some of our youngest, brightest people going to Chicago putting down roots down there,” Brown said. “I understand people want to leave, but there’s so much here. There’s going to be increasing economic opportunity here and except for the weather, there’s no reason to go.”

He could have made that statement before he did any fact-finding. It doesn't advance the discussion. If anything, it sets the discourse back a few decades.

That's the wrong direction for Ohio. Brown should be talking about attraction. Why would I want to move to your state?

Please pass this report along to Max.

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