Monday, May 17, 2010

Energizing Pennsylvania Politics

Fox News throws a bucket of cold water on Pennsylvania's energy aspirations:

But just as western Pennsylvania may be the "Saudi Arabia of natural gas," other regions are trying to present alternative energy solutions to replace imported petroleum from the oil-rich Middle East kingdom.

Oklahoma has been called the "Saudi Arabia of wind;" West Virginia is "the Saudi Arabia of coal."

Wyoming was previously declared the "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" and Iowa has drawn the moniker of being the "Saudi Arabia of ethanol," due to its extensive corn production.

Both candidates have said they oppose the climate bill that is idling in Congress, with Critz saying the legislation passed in the House "would have a negative impact on jobs and working families. He has said he wants to expand domestic drilling as part of "a long-term strategy" toward U.S. energy independence.

I gather that the epic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico hasn't killed drill baby drill. While mining for unconventional gas has its own environmental risks, I have to wonder if BP's offshore disaster bodes well for the Marcellus Play. We still don't know what is hype and what is actual boom.

The politicians on both sides of the aisle think the energy economy resonates with voters. I'm surprised given all the negative press concerning domestic exploitation. In Pennsylvania, the rush is on.

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