Wednesday, August 31, 2011

American Elegy

American Elegy is dedicated to the photographers and artists that effectively capture the bittersweet trajectory of this period of American culture and existence.

There you have it, the difference between ruin porn (bitter) and Rust Belt art (bittersweet). Sugar. I encourage you to read this Huffington Post from Randy Fox, one of the creators of American Elegy. I'm adding the blog to my reader. Great stuff.

Perusing American Elegy, one post in particular drew me in. It's about Detroit and ruins. The photo:

Click here for a larger image. Looking at it, I feel a sense of home. Not your typical ruin shot. Perhaps the sign is what generates the Rust Belt Chic attractiveness. Bittersweet.


BrianTH said...

Whisky and Squirt is one of my favorite drinks. And I am from Detroit. So I guess it says "home" to me too.

American Elegy said...

I wanted to thank you for mentioning American Elegy, my Huffington Post blog, and including my shot. It's appreciated.