Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hamilton Throwing Haymakers At Toronto

Toronto sucks:

Chuck Gammage Animation on James Street North designed and produced the cartoon.

The studio relocated to Hamilton from Toronto in June 2011. Owner, Chuck Gammage, lives in Paris, ON. He wasn’t available for comment.

A number of his staff do live in Hamilton, however, while others still commute from around the region. Shane Doyle, an animator at CGA is grateful his boss relocated. He lives in Mount Hope.

“I’ve got a 20-minute drive to work instead of two hours,” he said smiling. “I used to be full of rage, thinking ‘what am I doing on this highway?’” He uses the extra hours to spend time with his wife or out golfing, he said.

Creative industries are the fastest growing business sector in Hamilton’s downtown, according to the economic development office. The video is just one way of trying to highlight that.

The Creative Class world continues to get flatter.

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