Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leading Back To Bangor

Innovative talent development initiative:

Young Bangor-based politicians and business leaders told Bangor High School seniors to feel free to travel and experience new places and interests, but when it comes to settling down and thinking about a career and family, to consider coming home.

While freshmen, sophomores and juniors were filling in answer bubbles on standardized tests Wednesday, seniors met with eight members of Bangor’s professional community during a seminar titled “Leading Back to Bangor.”

“Everywhere, we have students that are at a point where they’re making decisions about postsecondary careers, postsecondary college,” Principal Paul Butler said. “We never think it’s too early to start sending a message about returning to Bangor for work once they’ve made their way.”

Encouraging outmigration is as attending college. Bangor is trying to figure out a way to generate ROI from brain drain. The community is light years ahead of cities such as Detroit and Portland. Next problem, how does Bangor lure them back after planting the seed?

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