Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why the United States Will Rule the Legacy Economy

The United States is exporting higher education to the entire world at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Rise of the Legacy Economy and higher education.

Subject Article: "Mexico’s study-abroad strategy is real news out of summit."

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Postscript: Higher education in Florida, from paradise to Pennsylvania:

The departure of Florida State University President Eric Barron to join the Penn State University system was met with much surprise, as was the leaving of former State University System Chancellor Frank Brogan, also recently migrating to Pennsylvania, and before him the move of John Cavanaugh from the University of West Florida to this same northern state. We seem to have a budding employment pipeline that runs from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Most would wonder why in the world Pennsylvania would serve as a magnet for Florida-based talent. Is it the severe budget cuts that have occurred there, leaving state funding for their institutions at “1995 levels,” as one university president described it? Is it the record snowfall and cold weather that are so appealing? Is it the statewide demographic challenges of having fewer college-bound residents — added to the practice of neighboring states offering discounted tuition for Pennsylvania students?

Higher education talent is agglomerating in Pennsylvania because institutions there lead the way in exporting services.

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