Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bright Flight From Silicon Valley

Talent outmigration ravaging Silicon Valley at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Ironic talent migration.

Subject Article: "Cities See a 'Bright Flight': Highly Educated Americans Increasingly Move to More Affordable Metro Areas in South, West."

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Postscript: Blog fodder for my next post, moving down the urban hierarchy:

As a professional thirtysomething who has lived in both New York and Los Angeles, I sometimes feel as if everyone I know is hatching plans to flee to somewhere less expensive, less massive, less hectic, and—again for good measure—less expensive. I know people who have moved in recent years from Los Angeles to Charlotte, from Boston to Durham, from New York to Seattle, from the Bay Area to Denver. Thanks to new U.S. Census data, I now know I am not going crazy. The flight to second-tier cities is thriving.

While the big name prognosticators cling foolishly to the past and claim the world is getting spikier, the undercurrents of flat world have finally gone mainstream. Goodbye, Silicon Valley.

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