Sunday, July 27, 2014

Confusing Population Change With Migration

Population growth and net outmigration happening in the same metro, at the same time at Pacific Standard magazine. 

Theme: Ironic demography.

Subject Article: "Do Millennials Prefer Houston and San Antonio to Dallas and Austin?"

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2. "How Many People Left Pittsburgh During the 1980s?"
3. "As Deaths Outpace Births, Cities Adjust."

Postscript: As national (and international) demographics have changed, perceptions have failed to keep pace. The outdated view holds that population change is primarily a function of domestic migration. More and more places around the world post birth rates unable to replace those who die. As women become more educated, families get smaller. Birth rates of immigrants glossed over the transformation in the United States. But even foreign born populations are beginning to converge demographically. Journalists need to get with the times.

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