Thursday, November 13, 2014

France Is Dying

At Pacific Standard magazine, France can't be dying because France isn't real.

Theme: Brain drain.

Subject Article: "Émigré Matters: Re-Examining France's Brain Drain."

Other Links: 1. "Review: Graham Robb, 'The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography from the Revolution to the first World War'(New York: W. W. Norton and Co., 2007), 358pp. "
2. "Rulers of the territory: Andy Beckett finds out how modern America was built with lengths of metal chain in Andro Linklater's Measuring America."
3. "Bar Mleczny."
4. "Beyond 'Border Guard Bob': Marketing Pittsburgh means much more than just retaining 'knowledge workers,' writes Christopher Briem. We also have to attract them from other places."
5. "Theatre Bizarre casts dark, magical spell at Masonic."
6. "Critical Geopolitics: The Politics of Writing Global Space."

Postscript: Brain drain reconsidered:

“For a city like Philadelphia, which needs to raise the college attainment of its residents to remain competitive and fulfill employer demand, having so many college students in our own backyard is a great advantage and a great asset to leverage,” says Deborah Diamond, Campus Philly president. “At the same time, as the Boston paper accurately points out, the mission and goals of higher eds is to educate students for the world, not the just local labor market, and this is especially true in regions like Philadelphia and Boston where our higher eds draw students from around the world.”

Diamond states the university mission diplomatically. No place can lay claim to any talent. Places don't own people. As long as people develop, what happens to a place shouldn't matter.

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