Thursday, March 03, 2016

Capital Rich, Labor Poor

Let's share. Do my taxes and stay at my seaside mansion. I don't have to do my taxes. You don't have to pay for a vacation place you can't afford. Deal.

The deal is this. My capital steals your work. I pay you spare capacity. La la la la la La.

All you have is labor. I own all the capital. My capital returns more than your labor. If I have enough capital, I don't need your labor.

Well, truth be told, I need your labor. You can't have my capital. Fuck you.

Sharing economy.


tonycpsu said...

Bravo. The only thing better would have been if you'd prefaced "sharing economy" with "That's a hell of an act... what do you call it?"

Unknown said...

Reading this blog for the somewhat interesting insights, but this post is blatantly wrong and shows you don't understand the sharing economy...if I understand it correctly since your terse writing style seems more suited to satirical news articles than analysis.

I write computer programs and live in a big expensive house. I get an Uber ride to the airport from an immigrant from Togo. He owns the car, he provides the capital and the time and the labor. I have $27 dollars to spare, and he gets that. Uber gets a small cut for facilitating the transaction.

I get a cheap, efficient ride to the airport. Mr. Togo gets $27 dollars and tells me that he cruises my neigborhood looking for rich white guys to drive to the airport because he makes twice per hour what he does on his service economy nightshift. Uber gets the vig for inventing and promulgating the technology that improved both our lives. We share, win.