Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Call for Submissions: Rust Belt Chic

From Rust Wire:

Maybe you don’t consider industrial remnants and demolition scenes beautiful. But, at least for me, there’s something fascinating about the ruin.

A blighted, abandoned building can inspire all kinds of emotions in people, depending on their perspective. It’s sad and shocking to see failure on display. It’s interesting to glimpse into the past. It’s scary when a building is exposed to the elements of nature and the darker aspects of society.

I’ve come across two sideshows that offer an interesting perspective on the aftermath of industrial decline. In the first one a Detroit News photographer explores the abandoned Packard Steel Plant.


This second one was posted by Sean Posey of Rust Belt Bloggers. It is scenes from Youngstown set to Bruce Springsteen.


I’d like to get photo submissions (the beautiful/ugly and well as the pretty stuff) from other Rust Belt residents on our site.

Just putting that out there …

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