Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Financial Times Hearts Pittsburgh

The Financial Times has published a bunch of articles special for the G-20 Summit. Pittsburgh is one of the stars of the spread. Both Mike Madison and Prof Briem are quoted. The list of articles:

Nothing new, but all of it is worth reading. Passage that stood out for me:

Barrie Athol, who oversees the post-merger integration, says the high-level academic institutions, lower cost of living and the company’s scale in the region will ensure Pittsburgh remains a key centre for the company.

“Why would I want to have a fund accountant in midtown Manhattan when I can have it here?” he says. “We do have other options around the country but the difference is that in Pittsburgh we have scale.”

Still, not every corporate leader is an unabashed Pittsburgh-lover. One executive dismisses the city as “having New York’s attitude and hassles without the amenities”.

I like the contrast. One sees Pittsburgh as Manhattan without all the costs. The other thinks the city is Manhattan without any of the benefits. Either way, Pittsburgh should be flattered.

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Robert Pontzer said...

Yes... I was certainly flattered by the "having New York's attitude and hassels" remark!

The "cafe culture" article was my favorite...

but I think after the G-20 summit... all media should be forced to retire the tired "hell with the lid off" remark