Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Technology Council

Sometimes talented people get the recognition they deserve:

Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt said Wednesday that Pittsburgh has "the most effective tech council in all of America," and the region's drive to create new industries, dating back to the Mellons and Carnegies, has served it well in the 21st century.

Schmidt was the featured guest at the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Pre-G-20 Forum, held Wednesday morning at Heinz Field. Tech Council president Audrey Russo held a question-and-answer style talk with Schmidt on topics ranging from company culture to Pittsburgh's role in a technology-driven economy.

That's high praise coming from Google. Pop City lists five things that could dramatically shape Pittsburgh's future. Conspicuously absent are the people such as Audrey Russo, Mike Madison and Eve Picker. These outsiders are the new insiders and absolutely vital to the success of the region as Pittsburgh moves boldly into the future.

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