Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rust Belt Chic Migration

More people, particularly young educated adults, are taking the Rust Belt risk. Down and out spells opportunity. Via The Naked City (a great urbanist blog for the Charlotte Observer), the value proposition:

“A lot of these places are attracting young people, who have a dream but not a lot of money,” [Bert] Sperling said. In these cities, “they can buy a foreclosed home for not a lot of money — It’s like homesteading in the Old West!”

"These places" are the usual suspects of dying cities. There are a few surprises, such as Indianapolis. Blame the folks at

I figure when someone such as Sperling notices a trend, it has gone mainstream. (As if the Chrysler Super Bowl ad "Imported from Detroit" wasn't enough proof.) Rust Belt Chic is the real deal and Pittsburgh, right now, is the biggest winner. Urban grit sells.

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