Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Moby Selling Rust Belt Chic Los Angeles

Moby is trying to poach creative talent from New York, London, and San Francisco:

new york and london and san francisco used to be run down cities where artists and musicians and writers could go for cheap rent and amazing creative communities. now new york and london and san francisco are losing artists and musicians and writers (thus: brain drain) because the artists, writers, musicians, architects, gallerists, publishers, designers, etc can’t afford the rent. and, lucky for l.a, lots of the artists and writers and musicians and designers and architects who’ve been priced out of other cities come to los angeles because it’s cheap, it’s weird, there are tons of other artists here, and it’s 75 degrees in february.

I've seen compelling evidence that creative types are leaving expensive New York for Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. L.A.? Wishful thinking.

Moby's efforts are emblematic of the anxiety gripping cool, creative hot spots such as Brooklyn. Los Angeles is dying. Everyone is moving to Berlin.

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Patrick Prescott said...

As a native Southern California and current resident of L.A. I have to say that this city has always felt like somebody else's dream to me. It's so funny to me that people come here to pursue a dream when I can imagine myself in any number of different places more successfully pursuing mine.