Friday, August 23, 2013

The Great Creative Class Migration

The great 20th-century rupture in American migration patterns at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Economic epochs and iconic migrations.

Subject Article: "Chicago newspaper sparked the 'Great Migration.'"

Other Articles: 1. "Where the Brains Are."
2. "What Workers Lose By Staying Put."
3. "The New Geography of Jobs."
4. "Scott Martelle's new book, 'Detroit: A Biography.'"
5. "U.S. Manufacturing: Output vs. Jobs Since 1975."
6. "Why the Smartest People in the Midwest All Move To Chicago."
7. "Multiplier Effects: Connecting the Innovation and Opportunity Agendas."

Postscript: I struggled to get this post out. I float a few half-baked ideas and the jury is still out regarding the coherence of thought. My confession aired, might this shift in educational attainment of migrants explain the decline in geographic mobility?

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