Monday, January 20, 2014

Geography of Innovation: Why Nashville Is Music City

The sinking legend of Jane Jacobs takes on more water at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Innovation geography.

Subject Article: "The Art of the Hang."

Other Links: 1. "Can you build an intersection?"
2. "A tale of two scenes: Civic capital and retaining musical talent in Toronto and Halifax."
3. "Inbreeding Homophily."
4. "Jane Jacobs Was Right: Gradual Redevelopment Does Promote Community."

Postscript: I'm anticipating I'll have to dig deeper into the notion of social capital proffered by Jane Jacobs. Via a cursory glance, reads like the same nostalgia misinforming Robert Putnam's research. I'm skeptical of the utility. It might be backwards or harmful. There is definitely a link between the urban romanticism of Jacobs and the current density fetish.

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