Monday, January 04, 2016

Economic Geography of the Cloud

An abundance of digital data predicts where the jobs will be.

Theme: Economic restructuring

Subject Article: "A Surgery Center That Doubles as an Idea Lab."

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4. "Seattle Is the Next Detroit."
5. "Time travel: An isochronic map shows where to go, how long it took to get there – and what changes were on the way."
6. "The next civil rights issue of our time."
7. "Buckaroo Banzai - There You Are."

Postscript: Flipping my post on its head, "The Urban, Infrastructural Geography Of ‘The Cloud’." If you are interested in walking into the cloud, read that. This understanding is backwards. The data a user consumes comes from the cloud, which is located in some physical location that conforms to some rhyme and reason that looks like economic geography. The economic geography I'm describing is a smartphone input. The "user" produces data, which goes into the cloud. That data input is just noise, lots of information with no rhyme or reason until some algorithm finds the signal and transforms all those 1s and 0s into knowledge.