Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stuck in Canada

Latest up at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Geographic mobility in Canada.

Subject Article: "The jobs challenge: Canadians don’t want to move out of province."

Other Links: 1. "Americans still move around more than anyone else in the world."
2. "Venture Capital Geography."
3. "Why aren’t Americans moving anymore? Here’s a new theory."
4. "Mesofact Migration."
5. "Turning the migration tide."

Postscript: Related question from the Kauffman Foundation, "But the larger puzzle remains: if freelancing is really on the rise and set to rise further, why has geographic mobility been falling, and will that suppress the expected increase in freelancing?"

I think the answer is simple. Freelancing allows us to stay where we are while working elsewhere. Might job dislocation have something to do with declining geographic mobility?

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