Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Calling All Steelers Fans

As the residents of Jacksonville can tell you, there are no NFL fans quite like Pittsburgh Steelers fans. The Steelers Nation was disappointed with one of the worst offensive performances in recent memory and fansites are buzzing this morning with scathing criticism. Despite the team's poor showing, this diaspora has never been stronger. When the Steelers get on a roll, fans come out of the woodwork. And they are everywhere, including Jacksonville.

As captured in a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, enter Steeler Fans United:

Steeler Fans United (S.F.U.) will take on the mission to unite organized Pittsburgh Steelers fan clubs worldwide as well as fans who wish to be linked within the global community known as STEELERS NATION. The mission of S.F.U. is to open communication lines between said organized clubs and established internet Steelers fan clubs in an effort to distribute methods of running an efficient Steelers fan club, attract new members and clubs in each region represented by members of the board of directors, and give Steelers fans worldwide the opportunity to have a place they can call home in the event they are traveling to or through the city of any of the member clubs. S.F.U.’s bottom line is to ensure that the growth of Steelers Nation continues and that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the best represented fan base in the National Football League as well as any other professional sports league.

According to the Post-Gazette, S.F.U. (not to be confused with S.T.F.U.) also intends to organize a convention (site yet-to-be-determined) for Steelers fans.

This is the first concerted effort I have seen to organize the Burgh Diaspora. Why hasn't anyone tried to create this network before now? If there have been efforts, why did they fail? The Post-Gazette knows a marketing opportunity when they see it and the newspaper is the most visible touchpoint connecting the Burgh Diaspora. I'd love to know what kind of advertising they can sell given this farflung demographic.

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