Monday, March 19, 2007

Pittsburgh's Platinum Gypsies

I need to touch on a host of tidbits today, so I'll keep the posts brief and to the point...

Korn/Ferry International wants to help The Mobile of Australia, referred to as "Platinum Gypsies" in the article:

With growing economic liberalisation, removal of cross-border restrictions, more affordable international transport and advanced communications technologies, the world’s workforce is becoming increasingly dynamic and mobile, with “free agents” taking advantage of the borderless nature of the workplace to design global careers. Coined “platinum gypsies” by Clotaire Rapaille, cultural anthropologist and author of The Culture Code, a breed of professionals is emerging creating a new paradigm for career development and advancement. These individuals, armed with their platinum credit cards, move from one continent or country to the next, developing themselves personally and professionally along the way while eventually losing any allegiance to one particular “home” or location. Similarly, they do not rely on any one organisation to provide them new career challenges or opportunities.

Australia is framed as a landscape of opportunity for the Platinum Gypsies, who could return home with valuable experience and skills that may not find full expression in the talent-saturated markets abroad. Of course, I think Pittsburgh (and other demographic losers) could benefit in a similar fashion.

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