Friday, March 21, 2008

Rust Belt Artist Diaspora

On May 14th Cleveland will be the site of From Rust Belt to Artist Belt. Here's the spin from GLUE on the get-together:

As costs rise and Williamsburg feels more and more like the Upper West Side, older industrial cities in the Upper Midwest are becoming increasingly attractive to artists of all stripes. Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Detroit - you name it. Sticky cities are making waves with industrial space that has been adaptively reused by artists who want to live and work there.

Are we the new Brooklyn?

GLUE enthusiast, Cleveland lover, and arts advocate Seth Beattie put together “From Rustbelt to Artist Belt” to answer just that question. OK, it’s a little less simple and lot more substantive. Seth and hundreds of artists and arts advocates (like you) from across the region will spend the day discussing strategies to attract and support artists in our hometowns. If you are a fan of GLUE, you are a fan of this event. You must not have known it’s two for the price of one.

New Brooklyn? I'd settle for the New Philadelphia.

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