Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rise Cleveburgh!

I'm growing more anxious about my remote location, far away from the Cleveburgh Corridor. I'll be at the Rust Belt Bloggers Summit in Erie, which will give me a chance to catch up on various initiatives and finally meet a few like-minded bloggers face-to-face. An update about the Summit: We've settled on the place we will meet, Brewerie.

Circling back to Cleveburgh news, welcome Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Youngstown Learning Network:

The Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Youngstown Learning network is an opportunity for the three cities to explore common concerns, share best practices, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

The first Learning Network session will be June 20, 2008 from 10 am to 4 pm in Youngstown.

The keynote speaker will be John Austin, director of the Great Lakes Economic Initiative at the Brookings Institution. He will speak about the economic potential of the Great Lakes Mega-region. The event will also include sessions on innovative programs and initiative within the cities of the Great Lakes Region.

More details to follow.


Bobbi Reichtell Neighborhood Progress, Inc.

Terry Schwarz Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Above is all I know about this Cleveburgh project. I nominate Youngstown as the permanent home for the Learning Network, making it the center of most Cleveburgh activity.

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