Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Xenophobic Ohio

Ohio isn't open for business. While Cleveland continues to harass foreign-born workers, Ohio is attempting to inform immigrants that they shouldn't bother coming unless their English is already up to snuff:

Ohio bloggers may be coming together to protest the creation of a lingua franca, but they are not doing it all in one voice. The Blogging in Tongues project was launched Tuesday at 9 a.m. EDT to bring attention to Ohio's House Bill 477, which seeks to establish English as the official language of the state. Bloggers are writing against the "English-only bill," as it is called, with posts in many different languages.

I interpret the bill as a sign that the Ohio legislature is out of ideas of how to help its citizens. The politicians have nothing better to do than pursue symbolic laws that will hamper Ohio's efforts to attract talent and spur job creation. Perhaps Ohio can hire those out of work to build a fence around the state?

That might be one way to keep graduates from leaving ...

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