Monday, September 22, 2008

Clarification: Rust Belt High Skill Immigration Zone

Richard Herman wrote me concerning a recent post about immigration:

Rehman's story is why I have mixed feelings about Richard Herman's proposal to uncap H-1B visas in the Rust Belt. Vivek Wadhwa contends that the most effective policy would be to speed up the Green Card process. If we can manage the needed immigration policy reform, then why not do for Ohio what Canada is doing for Alberta?

Richard reminded me that the policy prescription for the Rust Belt includes fast-tracking Permanent Residency status. Richard and Mr. Wadhwa are on the same page for immigration reform. However, the means of speeding up this process are still in the works.

I do appreciate the idea for creating a Rust Belt High Skill Immigration Zone because I figure the cap relief will encourage IT companies starved for talent to relocate in one of a number of shrinking cities. I'm already trying to imagine where the companies would prefer to relocate within the zone in order to benefit from the increased pool of foreign born workers.

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Dave said...

I believe we need to lift the cap and speed up the green card process. I've seen to many highly educated foreign born recent graduates have to leave the country. And the constant threat of not being able to stay really hurts these people.