Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pittsburgh Labor Watch

Taking a cue from Chris Briem ...

A number of steel jobs are moving from Ontario to Pittsburgh. Geospatial Holdings, continuing a possible trend, landed a big government contract. And I already referenced the acquisition of Kolbrenner USA, demonstrating the connectivity between the Pittsburgh and DC labor markets. Finally, Mike Madison says the good word about Pittsburgh opportunities is getting out to the rest of the country.

Update: The relocation of steel jobs from Canada to the United States has "stunned" the community of Hamilton, Ontario:

Almost everyone in Hamilton has a family member, neighbour or buddy at Stelco or Dofasco. Thousands more Hamiltonians -- from contractors to truck drivers to coffee-shop owners and lunchwagon operators -- depend on the steel companies for their livelihood.

What is Hamilton -- what can Hamilton be -- if it is not Steeltown?

Reminds me of Pittsburgh circa 1982.

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