Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Creative Pittsburgh

Not that I get a lot of comments, but this one shouldn't get lost in my post parade:

CMU is working on this. The College of Fine Arts contributes 40-50 citizens a year to Pittsburgh. Not only does Pittsburgh need to attract talent, it needs to retain and integrate the talent it creates. Harnessing this creative community for the city to tap into to drive even more innovation is critical. "The ability to innovate depends on the availability of creative skills ... for sustained innovation and growth, regions need to be able to draw on a the talents of their flourishing creative community."-Sir George Cox. Also creative communities attract more creative folks and young people who want jobs in the creative fields. Here is the report:

The reader of this post should know that I edited the link so it goes directly to the report (.pdf). Also, I haven't read the report. Yet. Given the nature of academic discourse, I want to encourage other people to scrutinize the research and post opinions. If anyone is schooled in the technique of social network mapping, then take a look at the list of interviewees.

I'm interested in an inter-blog discussion of the findings.

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