Saturday, August 22, 2009

DC Steelers

I'll start this post with an indirect line to my point. Baltimore's renaissance is a result of its proximity to Washington, DC. Regional redevelopment would appear to be a function of the right urban pair and some lucky geography. I make mention of DC's gravity because of tonight's football game between the Steelers and Redskins:

Redskins fans surely haven't forgotten the last time the Steelers came to town. Coaches and players can't shake the maddening image of twirling yellow towels, either. But team officials have concocted a plan to sure no one experiences a repeat Saturday night when the Steelers return.

To make sure FedEx Field doesn't again turn into a giant blanket of Terrible Towels, the Redskins will distribute 50,000 "Redskins Rally" towels at Saturday's preseason home opener. The Redskins' version will be white.

There isn't anything like it in sports. Steelers fans are able to take over the opposing stadium and make the home team feel as if it is on the road. Many months later, the Washington Redskins organization is still feeling the sting.

We are about 90-minutes from kickoff in the heartland of the Burgh Diaspora. In a city of transients, Pittsburghers reign supreme. Go ahead a wave your white towel, Skins fans. It will look like surrender in the sea of gold.

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