Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Question Of The Day

From PGH is a City:

Why are immigrants skipping over cities like Pittsburgh (1.3% Hispanic) and Cincinnati (1.3%) in favor of fellow rust belt cities like Rochester (12.8%) and Buffalo (7.5%) and Cleveland (7.3%)?

That's a great question for a geographer to answer.


joe said...

Not sure I know the answer to the question of the day, but I would like to approach it appreciatively.

We have La Jornada Latino here in Pittsburgh. One of the founders is a Pittsburgh native living in Cincinnati (my fellow BP '88 alum and good friend Brian Wiles).

They publish in Cincinatti, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this might have something to do with geographic size of the cities and migration patterns in the metro? I bring this up for two reasons, both of which are - admittedly - anecdotal:
1) I much more regularly see Latinos in Robinson and Monroeville than I do within the city. If you look at some other ethnic minority settling patterns, you'll see the same - there are sizeable Indian population in Greentree, as well as Murrysville and Monroeville - much larger, as I can ascertain, than the city.
2) In the case of Cinci, the Latino population in northern Kentucky (Covington, Newport, Erlanger, etc. - technically suburbs of Cinci) is far more visible.