Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Cities Learning From Pittsburgh

Make of it what you will:

“In 1995, Pittsburgh was one of the first cities visited by the chamber after the launch of its intercity visit program,” Bert Mathews, vice chairman of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, wrote in a letter to delegates. “In the past 15 years, Pittsburgh has transformed itself from a ‘steel city’ to one that recently hosted the G20 Summit to international accolades and coverage. The evolution is due to innovation and reform — a major theme of the topics that will be addressed during our visit.” ...

... The Nashville delegation is just one of several planning trips to Pittsburgh this year to learn more about the Steel City. The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce plans to welcome no less than seven chambers from across the country that are bringing leadership visits to Pittsburgh. The visits begin this month and continue through September.

Many of these visitors are coming from across the Midwest, including Dubuque, Iowa; Cincinnati and Kansas City.

Of interest to me is that Pittsburgh has been on Nashville's radar since 1995.

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