Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Burgh Diaspora Blog Sightings

Lately, I'm seeing more of my work here pop up elsewhere. I have to thank Aaron Renn and his Urbanophile blog for the publicity. Otherwise, I don't think my ideas end up on the Next American City website:

But as Jim Russell points out at Burgh Diaspora, not all talent is created equal. Indeed, it may not be graduates that you want, necessarily, but migrants. Migrants are especially entrepreneurial, and the further they’ve come to get to your city, the better.

Erie isn’t the only city crying brain drain….larger cities like Milwaukee can’t seem to attract young college grads. But is that really the answer? Short but interesting discussion in Next American City.

I can tell you that city, state and even national governments are interested in what we bloggers have to say. So much, in fact, that certain experts are threatened by amateur opinion. That's how John Austin's shot across my bow felt. Actually, such a dismissal is quite flattering. Not too bad for noodling.

Finally, I want to express my appreciation to Brian Kelsey of Civic Analytics for plugging my blog on a few occasions:

Aaron Renn and Jim Russell are two of my favorite thinkers in the world of planning and regional development. You can find Aaron at The Urbanophile and Jim at Burgh Diaspora.

Blogging is a great medium for exchanging knowledge. Experts and professionals needn't feel insulted. Set us noodlers straight and we'll all benefit.

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