Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rust Belt Chic Nationalism

Via the Detroit expatriate network 635 Mile, the city's brand makes for some nifty apparel:

Ever had this reaction? It's the one where you're walking through an airport and you feel buzzed because you notice another traveler is wearing “Detroit” somewhere on their person.

When it happens to Aaron Singer or Robbie Biederman, they tend to get a little crazy. The New York residents are childhood friends who grew up in West Bloomfield together. So any taste of the Motor City is much appreciated. Robbie even admits if he were a dog, his tail would start wagging at the sight.

That is one of the reasons the two 28 year olds, who describe themselves as ex-pats, started “Mighty Detroit” last year. The clothing company is a labor of love in a multitude of ways…not only does it keep them in touch with their Midwestern roots, it gives them the funding to ensure those roots are nourished.

The shirts celebrate more than Detroit sports. The iconography ranges from nostalgic to the blue collar work ethic associated with the entire Rust Belt. The common thread is urban civic pride, the new nationalism:

Join the fight. We will win the battle, and the War. This City will prosper. Our call to arms.

Show off your hometown pride and do a little good for the Motor City in your Mighty Detroit t-shirt.

The rallying cry is reminiscent of "Defend Youngstown" or "I will shout Youngstown". The urban frontier meme is apparent, as well as the more glorious past. See for yourself:

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