Monday, November 22, 2010

More Talent Is The New Oil

The metaphor takes an unexpected and explicit turn:

The labour sending countries of South Asia and South East Asia should form a union like OPEC to ensure that the labour receiving countries implement minimum wages, zero cost of migration, decent working conditions, labour laws to protect the workers and special laws for female workers. The labour sending countries should collectively take a decision not to allow workers to go to those countries which are not prepared to fix a minimum wage and offer them decent working conditions.

You either do what we say or we will withhold the talent.

The more striking conclusion of the policy paper is the admonishment of sending country governments for failing to manage the export of labor. I've been tracking the ineptness of the Ireland regarding the handling of its latest exodus of economic refugees. It is squandering a tremendous opportunity. The same could be said for many regions throughout the United States.

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