Monday, March 21, 2011

Hispanic Migration To Pittsburgh

Game on. Latinos have discovered Southwestern Pennsylvania:

"We certainly have noticed an uptick in the number of Spanish-speaking residents," said borough manager Terry Hazlett. Canonsburg's Hispanic population rose by 100 residents since 2000, to 162, representing a 161.3 percent increase. ...

... "I had to find the crew chief to find somebody to speak English," Hazlett said.

Throughout Washington County, the Hispanic population grew to 2,366 as of 2010, rising 102.7 percent for the decade.

Yes, the absolute number of more Hispanics is small. But the relative gains suggest a pioneer migration to Washington County that will attract much greater numbers in the future. The pathway of inmigration is established.

A few years ago, I rode a bus from Akron to Pittsburgh. There were many Hispanics on board, but I didn't see any get off in Pittsburgh. Given the above data, I'd bet that has changed. The Pittsburgh boom continues.

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