Monday, May 16, 2011

Global Cleveland Summit: Fostering Boomerang Attraction

On Wednesday, May 25th, Global Cleveland is holding a community summit. You can find the agenda here, as well as a description of the panel discussion I'll be leading:

·Fostering “Boomerang” Attraction
One of the strategies to attract people to the region is to capitalize on the connections individuals may already have to Cleveland. Focusing attraction efforts on people who have lived in Cleveland at some point in time and encouraging them to return to the area is what “Boomerang” attraction is about. Usually when a “boomeranger” moves back, they bring people with them (family, friends, etc.). The purpose of this focus group is to learn about some of the issues that “boomerangers” face and discuss how to leverage existing connections to their families, friends and networks about the moving back to Cleveland for opportunities. We will want participants to discuss specific strategies on how to create and maintain these potential boomerang networks, to create outreach strategies, and to think about how we might implement these strategies.

If you would like to attend, then please RSVP here.

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