Wednesday, July 20, 2011

cities for jobs, pittsburgh

Someone at Bank of America in Charlotte just Googled that and ended up at my blog. Reaction to the recent news? Do tell:

Ask anyone what the most immediate threats to the global financial system are, and the obvious answers would be the European sovereign-debt crisis and the off chance that the U.S. won’t raise its debt ceiling in time to avoid a default. Here’s one to add to the list: the frightening plunge in Bank of America Corp. (BAC)’s stock price.

At $9.85 a share, down 26 percent this year, Bank of America finished yesterday with a market capitalization of $99.8 billion. That’s an astonishingly low 49 percent of the company’s $205.6 billion book value, or common shareholder equity, as of June 30. As far as the market is concerned, more than half of the company’s book value is bogus, due to overstated assets, understated liabilities, or some combination of the two.

You decide.

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MSL said...

BoA is the largest bank in the US. No doubt they will get a bailout like the airlines, Wall St., GM, etc.