Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Odd Migration Indicators: Ironic Pittsburgh

People are moving to Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh? When good news is more like a slap in the face:

It's not too often that you see a consultancy -- or expert staff augmentation firm for that matter -- open a new office in Pittsburgh, of all places. Even McKinsey, which has a long history of advising executive management at industrial companies, could not bring itself to dedicate an entire office to the city (the Cleveland/Pittsburgh office was run as a single group, at least back when I knew these sorts of things). Still some folks are moving into the 'burgh, despite the recent historical trend of the post-graduate talent drain away from the area. Like sourcing firm Denali, according to a recent announcement.

I was tempted to paste the entire post here, which is a must-read for the Burgh obsessed (who have a sense of humor about their hometown). The tenor is along the lines of dismay as to why Denali would open an office in Pittsburgh, some sort of relocation hell. Keep your eyes open for a growing subculture who can't stand locals followed by the proliferation of "NATIVE" bumper stickers or, "I Break for a Pittsburgh Left".


BrianTH said...

I've been seeing the term "ga$$hole" used lately for Marcellus migrants (or anyone with a Texas or Oklahoma license plate).

Jim Russell said...

Wow. I just Googled: gasshole marcellus. No dearth of hits for that search. Reminds me of "Massholes".

DBR96A said...

I should have patented "Gasshole" as my oversized gas station/truck stop/souvenir shop idea. My first location would be in Braselton, GA with billboards all up and down I-85 counting the miles until the exit. The official logo would be a golden calligraphic 'G' with the rest of the letters being white with relatively normal font. I could elaborate further on my idea, but some of it is crude. :P