Monday, October 10, 2011

Pierogi Dance Party

Cleveland is staking claim as the Rust Belt Chic capital of the world. When I imagine Rust Belt Chic, I envision Gen Y at a working class tavern eating city chicken and dancing to polka music. The new spin on old school:

Dean Montrose and DJ Sputnik are creating an audio-visual techno music experience that will make the cafeteria line full of Salisbury steak and Polish sausage seem a million miles away. The restaurant known for old world Eastern European charm is going Euro chic.

So will Bernie take off the apron and move to the beat?

"With two artificial hips and two artificial knees? I'm lucky I can serve pierogis," he said.

Thanks to Christine Borne, editor-in-chief of The Cleveland Review, for bringing the article to my attention. The party is at Sokolowski's University Inn in Tremont. Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame went there with Rust Belt legend Harvey Pekar. Bourdain gushes about the retro feel of the place. This is bat shit crazy Cleveland.

Bourdain would prefer a punk rock show, turning his nose up at techno. Dig the aesthetic, Tony:

Portland sucks.


Anonymous said...

This is possibly my new favorite Burgh Diaspora post... and that's really saying something.

Richey said...

awesome. think i need to go and take pics and write something up