Friday, November 18, 2011

Glorious Pittsburgh

The following comment from the forum deserves a few more eyes:

This is Max from Scenic America. This thread came up in my Google Alerts so I thought I'd chime in.

We really enjoyed our time in Pittsburgh last weekend. The William Penn was one most spectacular hotels I've ever stayed in. The lobby is jaw-dropping and there is an astounding mural inside the Terrace Room restaurant depicting the battle of Fort Pitt.

We met at the Allegheny Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club down the block, which itself is a remarkable example of preserved tenement housing sandwiched in between a couple skyscrapers.

In regards to the comment from the article about the newspaper boxes: the reporter was pressing for "something we didn't like," and the boxes were an off-handed comment from one of the board members.

The proposal to digitize the Bayer sign atop Mt Washington is a real cause for concern. To look up at Mt Washington and see a glowing advertisement would be a real shame and would quite literally ruin the view.

For those interested in the billboard issue in Pittsburgh I urge you to join Scenic Pittsburgh. There is a proposal to ban digital billboards and reduce other billboard blight in the city that will be heard on Monday, Nov. 21: [url=]Scenic Pittsburgh - Community - Pittsburgh, PA | Facebook[/url]

Sorry I don't have more specifics on the legislation or hearing, but I'm sure if you contact Scenic Pittsburgh they can fill you in.

Normally, I would have cropped the comment. I like to emphasize the key part of the passage. I decided to leave it unmolested. I don't want to be accused of editorializing.

The bit about the William Penn Hotel is how I feel about Pittsburgh. I wasn't born in Pittsburgh. I didn't live in the region for any substantial amount of time, maybe 6-months. I've been a resident of Greater Denver and Greater DC for over the last 15-years. I'm attracted to the city because Pittsburgh is "jaw-dropping" beautiful.

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