Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miami Is Dying

Nothing says "brain drain" quite like the exodus of the 25-34 demographic cohort. Take a look at this map. Surely the end is nigh for Miami. The dire situation:

When Christina Caldwell moved back to her native Miami after living out west for six years, she planned to remain. But after two years of dead-end jobs as a bartender and receptionist, she left for California — for good. She now makes more than $100,000 a year at a post-production company in Venice Beach.

“I would never, ever move back to Miami,” she says.

Christina is not alone: South Florida is losing young people in droves, according to recent national and local studies. The area’s high unemployment rate, lack of innovative jobs and huge income gaps have created a perfect storm that many young people are unwilling to wait out.

You know it's bad when someone leaves Florida for the economic apocalypse of California. Migration data don't lie. People vote with their feet. Something is horribly wrong with Miami. Richard Florida explains:

“Miami does very well on diversity, amenity and lifestyle, but it doesn’t have the tech economy or business base to create the kind of job activity that will draw or retain young people,” said Florida, who resides in Miami Beach half the year.

Miami is tolerant (hold your snark), but lacks tech and talent. Given the strong urban amenities and lifestyle, the missing two T's are mystifying. We all know that tolerance + cool = Austin tech boom. What gives? Shrinking cities want to know.


DBR96A said...

The economy in Florida is nothing but recycled dollars. It's basically 18,000,000 people standing in a giant circle with each person therein paying the person to his/her left to cook food, cut the grass or do the laundry. Sadly, they all expect to get rich someday.

Noel Maurer said...

Say, Jim,

Doesn't that map imply that everywhere is dying except for D.C., Texas, Denver ... and the Inland Empire?

That conclusion seems wrong, somehow. There's something wrong with the logic, I think.

Jim Russell said...

There's something wrong with the logic, I think.