Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pittsburgh Jobs Boom Continues

President Obama missed his chance to tout, once again, the Pittsburgh economic rebound. The United States is looking for a way forward. Pittsburgh has the answer:

Only May and June of 2001  showed a higher job count than the 1,164,000 raw number just out. So the middle of construction season then when I think there were a few big construction projects pushing up the numbers (and before USAirways employment imploded of course).  Seasonally adjusted the first part of 2001 had some slightly higher numbers.

So we will call it the post-USAirways peak.

The post-USAirways employment peak? December 2011. Pittsburgh isn't just recovered from the Great Recession. The metro is posting job count records. More from Pittsburgh Today:

Pittsburgh is the pace setter in this benchmark cohort. The region had a relatively shallow recession. Conventional wisdom predicted a sluggish recovery that would lag behind the rest of the country. That's the historical precedent. Instead, Pittsburgh is accelerating.

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Stephen Gross said...

Interesting to see that Richmond and Denver are in the cohort...