Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Did Everybody Go?

I didn't blog yesterday because I was in downtown Washington, DC at National Public Radio headquarters participating in panel discussion about Rust Belt outmigration:

Hosted by Richard Steele of WBEZ Chicago, “Where Did Everybody Go” tells the stories of people who left the Midwest, and some who came home.

We’ll visit Portland, Austin, New York City, upstate New York and Los Angeles. We’ll talk with Jim Russell, a geographer who writes the Burgh Diaspora blog, and Dan Moilanen, a Flint, Mich., native who went to Austin to work for Apple, and came back to help his hometown. ...

... “Where Did Everybody Go” airs at these dates and times:

Or you can come back here next week to listen to the show. Be sure to join us, for “Where Did Everybody Go?”

I'll have more to say about this hour-long documentary next week after the program airs.


Anonymous said...

Jim, do you have a link to the podcast?

Jim Russell said...

Changing Gears should have a podcast up soon after the show airs on the three stations. You could listen to it live stream on WBEZ in about an hour.