Friday, July 20, 2012

Peak Employment Pittsburgh

In terms of jobs, Pittsburgh is already fully recovered from the recession. However, June 2012 marks a historic occasion for regional employment. You can find the numbers here. Pittsburgh Today with the news:

There were 1,176,000 jobs in the Pittsburgh region in June, which makes it not only the highest June figure for the region but also the highest jobs figure ever for any month on record, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The previous high figure for June was back in 2001 when there were 1,172,100 jobs in the region.

Emphasis added. The last employment peak for June was in 2008 (now the 3rd best June in Pittsburgh's history). Since then, "the Pittsburgh region has gained 10,700 nonfarm jobs.  In contrast, none of the 14 regions against which Pittsburgh is compared gained jobs over that time period." Among the losers are Boston, Denver, Charlotte, and Minneapolis.

Too bad the population numbers are so anemic. Otherwise, we'd be celebrating prosperity in Pittsburgh. I hear Denver and Charlotte are growing. Good luck finding work.

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