Friday, October 26, 2012

The San Antonio Brain Gain – Bringing the Talent You Need or Taking the Talent You Want?

On November 15th, I will be discussing the research Richey Piiparinen and I have done on San Antonio talent migration:

Over the last decade San Antonio welcomed 180,000 new residents. Inside that group of newcomers there’s a statistic that surprised many business and civic leaders - San Antonio now ranks sixth in the nation for in-migration of college educated new residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher. That ranking puts San Antonio ahead of Dallas and Houston in highly educated migration.

Who are these educated migrants, and how will the in-migration of talent impact San Antonio businesses? Will the newcomers change the focus of economic development strategies for the city to accommodate their sectors? Will the demand for talent change locally, as a result?

To answer those questions, the 80-20 Foundation in conjunction with SA 2020, has funded new research to determine who these new residents are, why San Antonio is succeeding in attracting them, what verticals they are working in and what local talent demands they have.

Join our panel we share the results of the new Brain Gain Talent survey, discuss the business sectors bringing - and needing - more talent and what the long term implications could be for San Antonio.

Also speaking will be Graham Weston, Chairman and Founder of Rackspace. "He will comment on the implications of the research for large and small SA businesses."


The Urbanophile said...

Hope there's a video you can post afterwards.

Unknown said...

Here is the link to the video filmed today. A great time to be in San Antonio!