Friday, December 28, 2012

Germany Is Dying

Germany is starved for talent. Residents of Spain are hungry for jobs. Both countries are members of the European Union. One big, happy labor market, right? Wrong:

Class of 2012 participant Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo speaks German and could work in Germany. He picked up the language on a student exchange program in the southern town of Darmstadt and lived with German flat-mates in Madrid. But, in perhaps an alarming sign for Europe, he sees more opportunity and cultural affinity in booming Latin America — and has started to learn Portuguese so he can see work in Brazil.

It's part of a rising trend in Spaniards departing for former European colonies in Latin America, meaning that Europe is losing much of its top-level talent to emerging economies.

"I see Brazil as a country that's going to grow so much in these years," said Gonzalez del Castillo, "And I feel close to them because we are Latin people, and our language is similar."

Oh, sweet economic convergence. Better to be in Brazil than in Germany. The gist of the article concerns culture, namely language. Navigating an international border is less daunting. You go where you know.

Looming larger is opportunity. Brazil is growing and Germany is dying. Europe is dying. In the face of crisis, a talent pipeline is being built between Spain and Brazil at Germany's expense. Creative Class Berlin is over. Sao Paulo or bust.

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